25 Great Musical Treasures - 12th Anniversary Commemorative Album

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A1 Scheherazade
A2 Die Fledermaus Overture
A3 Merry Widow Overture
A4 Swan Lake Ballet (The Dance Of The Swans)
A5 The Blue Danube Waltz
A6 Capriccio Italienne
A7 Concerto No. 1 In B Flat Minor
A8 Toreador Song (From Carmen)
A9 Ballet Egyptian
A10 Capriccio Espagndle
A11 Sonata In C# Minor-Opus 27 #2
A12 Hungarian Rhapsody
B1 Carmen Overture
B2 Marche Militaire
B3 Dance Of The Comedians
B4 Flight Of The Bumble Bee
B5 Grand Polonaise
B6 Southern Roses Waltz
B7 Prelude In C# Minor
B8 Invitation To The Dance
B9 Roumanian Rhapsody - No. 1 In A Minor
B10 William Tell Overture
B11 Polka (From "The Bartered Bride")
B12 Humdresque
B13 Gavotte
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